Additional Services

Whilst our primary expertise is search and selection, we also provide additional services:-


To Clients:

Talent Acquisition

Looking for a particular candidate, our Senior Consultants will provide you with a targeted headhunting/talent acquisition service.

If you are looking for company or industry specific candidates then our Consultants are more than happy to provide this as part of our general recruitment services.

If you know exactly who you are looking for, then our Senior Consultants all have well qualified headhunting/talent acquisition skills in order to track them down.


HR Managed Services

Assistance with providing offer letters, contracts of employment and maintain HR administration.


Recruitment Managed Services

Let us manage your recruitment, we can offer fixed fees or monthly fees and will manage all the agency relationships, shortlist all agency CVs, to ensure that you only receive the top CVs from all the agencies.


Domain Management, Anti Piracy, Web Design, Marketing and Software Services

Partnerships and recommendations are definitely the way forward for businesses and with some of the best connections in the industry we are able to put you in touch with some of the best agencies for your ecommerce needs.


To Candidates

CV Writing

With years of experience viewing CVs our Consultants can help you to produce a CV that will represent you in the correct way, both visually and in its content.  Our many years of recruitment expertise enables us to work with you in producing a CV that we believe will be more appealing to clients whilst also ensuring that your main skills and attributes are represented in the correct way.


We offer a flat fee services, payable in advance, which is dependent on the length of the CV required and the amount of content.  Please email for a quote.