Site Reliability Director


Salary: £110,000 p.a. + 15% Bonus

Location:  London

Global analytics company requires experienced Site Reliability Manager / Director to primarily be responsible for establishing and evolving our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) function. The company’s SREs partner with teams to achieve specific reliability outcomes, drives cross-org alignment and upholds best practices, intalling a culture of rigor in understanding the root cause of problems and reduce operational overheads through observability and service automation. 

You will partner with Product, Development and Engineering teams to mature the SRE capability in a consultative fashion including the creation of policies, engineering practices and organisation structures. Whether we are building clients, backend services, libraries, data pipelines or machine learning models, you will foster a culture of reliability whilst enabling the fast flow of feature and service updates.

Key Attributes

  • You will have hands-on experience of software engineering and DevOps at an enterprise scale. You are fanatical about developing software systems to solve complex problems, applying both the principles of using data to guide decision making and the SRE principle of treating operations like a software engineering project.
  • You understand the challenges involved in delivering and supporting products at a global scale and can demonstrate technical agility and dexterity in managing complex situations.
  • You can lead from the front and demonstrate the benefits of SRE through real-world scenarios and examples. The SRE function is comprised of software and system engineers, who are responsible for the reliability of the company’s products by delivering software to improve product availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency.
  • You can work across a wide technology team including new company acquisitions, to optimise our software and cloud engineering practices which results in reducing re-work and increased delivery efficiency and maturity. 
  • You know how to mature the SRE practices of observability, monitoring, alerting and Incident Management throughout the organisation. You know how to troubleshoot performance issues, be it a containerised microservice, serverless, API or monolith application.
  • You understand the demands put upon 24×7 operational support teams. Therefore you know what skills and training engineers need before being placed on-call and are safe knowing they have the support they need.
  • You are proficient in cost optimisation and consumption models of cloud resources. You drive accountability of costs within teams and help them understand how investments contribute to customer outcomes.
  • You lead by example, care personally for your team, and establish credibility with the quality of your own and your team’s technical execution, personal development and minimising operational overload. You are a champion for an inclusive and psychologically culture across the group.


  • Computer Science or Software Engineering background strongly preferred
  • Experience building and leading technical teams with a strong background on SRE or DevOps engineering disciplines and principles.
  • Deep understanding of how monitoring tools and observability can help with determining the root cause of customer impacting performance issues.
  • Experience supporting scalable, secure and reliable services in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure). Experience in cloud native technologies and supporting containerised application technologies including Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience in one or more languages like Java, JavaScript or Python.
  • Demonstrated understanding of APIs and reliability in distributed systems.
  • Understanding of CI/CD and automated software delivery, preferably experience deploying to production multiple times a day
  • You have a get-stuff-done attitude, have great positive energy and can make an impact through cross-functional leadership.
  • Capable of working with multi-functional technical and business teams across the organisation.

Salary: £110,000 p.a. + 15% bonus

Location: London

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