About Us

Shenley Recruitment brings a traditional professionalism to modern recruitment.  With over 30 years expertise working with growing new businesses and established global clients across I.T., Research, Legal, Finance, Hospitality and many others.

We have managed many critical recruitment campaigns for clients, have worked through several recessions and booms including the UK internet boom in the early 90’s, working with some of the most prolific companies in the UK, specialising in Technical and Executive level recruitment.

We have assisted our clients in recruiting in all areas of their business throughout Europe.  We take the time to understand our clients and candidates specific requirements and provide a good communication link throughout the whole process.  You will be provided with a frank, honest service.

We also provide assessment reports with all our Executive recruitment campaigns.


Wendy Prangnell

Wendy started her career in high street recruitment, becoming the youngest ever Branch Manager of one of the leading high street agencies in the world.  She then decided to join a small private agency to broaden her recruitment knowledge and after only a few years was made an Associate Director.  When this agency decided to specialise their recruitment and disband several divisions Wendy took the opportunity to start up on her own and soon became a key player in eCommerce and Digital recruitment.  Wendy’s recruitment expertise covers virtually every sector available, and she has recruited individuals for a broad range of different roles.  Her passion to recruit in the ever changing world of eCommerce and Digital has been key to her success and she has worked for FTSE 100 companies in I.T., Finance, Legal, Research, Media etc., both in the UK and Internationally.

Wendy is hands on with all our clients recruitment campaigns, still providing them with 360 degree recruitment and over 25 years recruitment expertise.

Specialist Recruitment Expertise: Executive level recruitment, I.T., SaaS, Finance, Legal, Research, Data Science to name a few.  There are very few roles Wendy has not successfully recruited for over the years.

Carl Graham

Carl started his career in Telecoms and Banking, where he held various roles.  In the 1990 he was employed as Operations Manager for one of the first successful eCommerce companies in the UK, an internet trading site.  Carl helped the company evolve until it was eventually sold and is still operating very successfully to this day.  Carl had been heavily involved with the continual recruitment for the company and had already established working relationships with Wendy at this point.  He was asked to join Wendy in the new venture and his financial and technical knowledge has been invaluable when working with prolific FTSE 100 organisations in the UK.

Specialist Recruitment Areas:  I.T., Finance, Insurance and Banking.