Career Counselling and CV support

Utilising 30 years experience in the industry we are experts at advising you on the best career path, how to perform well in an interview environment and how to create a CV that will give you the best chance at getting an interview

Career Counselling

Are you following the right career path?

Do you have the right skills and qualifications to move into your desired  career?

Do you need advice on the best career path to take with your specific skills and attributes?

With 30 years recruitment expertise our Directors can assess your background, skills and attributes and advise you on the right career path to take and how to get there.

CV Writing

Viewing over 100 CVs every working day for the last 30 years has helped us understand what is a good CV and what is not.

Is your CV representing you in the correct way in order to help you get the job you need?

Our many years of understanding the recruitment needs across a diverse range of organisations enables us to work with you in producing a CV that we believe will represent you in the best way possible.   Ensuring that you are appealing to the vacancies and companies that you wish to work for,.

Interview Training / Interview techniques

With our vast knowledge of how to prepare for an interview we can provide training and advise on how to perform at your best during an interview environment.  People tend to make the same, classic mistakes in interviews and also find it difficult to put themselves forward and highlight their best assets.  Our 30 years knowledge of the interviewing process will help you understand how to do your best in any interview scenario.

We offer a flat fee services, payable in advance, which is dependent on the length of the CV required and the amount of content.  Please email for a quote.